And so it begins…

I’m jumping into the blog world today, and I have to admit I am so excited! I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures of being a wife, and a mother, as well as sharing all of the artistic nonsense my family endures from week to week. I’m a bit of a serial crafter and creator, so the family is often unintentionally along for the ride. They are troopers for sure. I frequently make, paint or change stuff. I paint a lot! Basically if I don’t like something or I’m bored with it, I will paint it. Painting makes me happy.So my plans for this blog are two-fold; share the projects I am currently working on as well as projects that I have recently completed. In between projects, I will share bits of my family and our week. Basically, notes from the nut corner! I hope I can help others find creative inspiration, project ideas and to share the tips I’ve learned though my own trial and error. That would be a blessing to me. But my biggest hope is that through sharing my life and crafty chaos that I could love and encourage someone else. And maybe some of this crazy nonsense will lighten a few spirits along the way.

So come back tomorrow and see what I am making – Jenny

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