Christmas Home Tour


Christmas Tour

   This year I decided to torture myself by making all new Christmas decorations for the outside of our home.   I should show you a picture of our home last year but really all you have to do is imagine all the Christmas stuff in the photo gone and that would be your picture.

Christmas Porch


It all started with me telling my husband that I really don’t plan on decorating much this year.  I really meant it when I said it.  But of course at that time I had just finished some insane last minute Halloween costumes for my boys.  After that blur of last minute activity, I didn’t even want to think about another project.  But then a few weeks passed from the Halloween costume insanity and I found myself browsing through this year’s Christmas Pottery Barn Catalog.    I was drawn to all the plaid and classic rustic décor and then the wheels in my head started to turn. 

Hmmmmmmmm, I don’t have anything like this but I do like it.  Hmmmmmmmm, I think this would look nice outside.  Hmmmmmmmm, Maybe I can just make it all.  I mean I know I can’t order all new decorations but if I made them I cLighted Wreathould do it for a fraction of the cost.  Hmmmmmm, Maybe I will just make it ALL this year.  And that was that.  I purchased one ticket aboard the crazy crafter train and got to work.  Now a few weeks later I am almost finished.  I just have a few things to wrap up but for the most part I am done. I started by creating wreaths for all my windows.  My Kitchen was full of Ornaments and ribbon for a week. 

Diy Wreath

Then I moved on to the Magnolia garland. 

Magnolia Galand



Porch Garland

Paint Yourself A Smile Christmas Garland

Sled and copper tubI borrowed a copper tub from my mom.  Add to that a sled, logs, lights and some greens we cut, and it made for a lovely display.  It fits perfectly in the spot and covers the outlet and Christmas light cords. 

Christmas Coca Cola Boxes

  I also borrowed these boxes that had been left in my sister’s barn by it’s previous owners.  They had been painted a pastel blue so I used stripper to remove most of the paint.   I was pleased to find the Coca-Cola was still intact after I removed the blue paint.   Add some pine cones and fabric Styrofoam balls and it becomes a lovely porch decoration.   

Christmas porch decorations

I did buy the Fox  from Target.  I couldn’t help myself, he was too cute.  For our bench on the porch, I covered cushions with the plaid fabric.  I found some old pillows in my basement and covered them as well.   Add a throw and its a whole new bench. 

I made a tomato cage tree for in front of the pillar.  I covered my lighted boxes with plaid and burlap and made new bows. Then lit everything with red and green lights.  

Tomato cage Christmas tree

There you have it.  I am not sure if it screams beautiful or crazy girl with a glue gun lives here.  My hubby said it is both!  Doesn’t matter I love it and he likes it too.  Now I need a nap!  I hope you like it.  Come back this week and I will break down in more detail how I built the wreaths, garland and other items.  Please leave me a comment if you like it.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

lighted fox and packagesChristmas lights


Deer Antler wreath

Christmas porch

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Decorated Porch



diy porch

Chritmas lights

Garland Tutorial
Wreath Tutorial
Bow Tutorial

And much more coming, Love and Merry Christmas,


Here is the Garland Tutorial 🙂

I’m also linking to




20 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour

  1. Oh Jenny – Your home looks so PERFECT! So much warmth and love has been added with your fantastic decorations! Great job! Looking forward to some tips! Nothing makes me smile more than a beautifully lit house at Christmas time – inside and out! Love ya, Beth Hourigan


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