Our Christmas Nonsense


Buddy the elf quotes

Well we are two days from Christmas and as usual, I’m not ready.  I’m not sure if I’m laughing to myself about it or slightly panicking.  I think it’s a little of both.  This is nothing new.  Everyone that knows me is not the least bit phased by my last minute endeavors and general chaos swirling around me.   But what has me laughing is my mom who keeps walking in my house and exclaiming in sincere surprise, “oh my goodness, it looks like you’re not ready!  You do know Christmas eve is tomorrow?!”   Inside I giggle while simultaneously holding back all the sarcastically peppy replies that are begging to be set free.   It’s my Mom and she is good to me so I try to just grin.  However, it is humorous because she still acts surprised after knowing me for 44 years!  And not to mention Mom, you were at my house just yesterday.  Yep.

So what I have to do today is wrap gifts.  I have been gathering my supplies and I found all the Elf gift tags that I made and have used the last couple of years on my kids’ presents.

Elf quotes gift tags

They are really silly but hey, I have boys and they love that sort of thing.  And I can’t help myself, I’m kind of ridiculous too.  So for all the Elf movie lovers like us who obnoxiously quote Elf all season long, I hope this will make you smile.  I would share them officially with you but since these are likely licensed images I probably should just show you what we do for ourselves and share some great movie quotes so you make your own.

Merry Christmas and don’t be “a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.”


Buddy the Elf….

“First, we’ll make snow angels for two hours, and then we’ll go ice skating, and then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough as fast as we can, and then to finish, we’ll snuggle!”

“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.”

“I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.”

“You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee! Great job, everybody! It’s great to be here.

“I’m a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.”

“I am sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR.”

“It’s just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture.”

“Francisco! That’s fun to say! Francisco. Frannncisco. Franciscooo.”

“Buddy the Elf! What’s your favorite color?”

“I think you’re really beautiful and I feel really warm when I’m around you and my tongue swells up.”

“You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa.”

“Have you seen these toilets? They’re GINORMOUS!”

“Watch out, the yellow ones don’t stop!”

“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

“It’s just like Santa’s workshop! Except it smells like mushrooms… and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me…”
“What about Santa’s cookies? I suppose parents eat those too?”

“You sit on a throne of lies!”

‘SON of a NUTcracker!”


“What’s a Christmas-gram? I WANT ONE!”

“He must be a South Pole elf!   He’s an angry elf”

“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

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