Coming up in 2016

My dog Ray

Happy New Year!!!  Wow, did the holiday time fly or what?  Oh I know, it does every year.  Still I say the same thing, where did the time go as if this was my first holiday ever. Ha!  Before we completely move on from the holidays, I have to ask, was your holiday good?  I really hope so.  Our household is sad to see it coming to an end.  Christmas break for us was the typical warm family moments followed by moments of chaos and coming apart at the seams.  The usual.  One moment I am in love with my husband and kids so much it almost hurts. I see them all charming, sweet and little blessings and then the next day I’m all… why are there dirty socks on the kitchen counter, why haven’t you boys showered in 4 days, what’s wrong with you people and this place is a crap box!  Ahhh you got to love real life.  Speaking of real life, today I am trying to put the house back together and trying to remember to count my blessings along the way because I hate the clean-up.  Clearly I don’t like it because I have slipped off to the office and I am writing instead of cleaning.  Doh!  And my excuse is organization just isn’t on my list of God given natural abilities.  I am very good at making big things, creative ideas, crazy projects and naps.  Clean up skills didn’t make the list.  Sorry Honey.

Decor Box

So while I am avoiding packing away the Christmas tree let’s talk about the coming year.  I have lots of projects in the works.  This winter we will talk parties and DIY weddings.  I want to show you how to put together your own arrangements.  My mom did these for my Christmas wedding.

DIY Wedding cake topper

Wedding FlowersThey were stunning and we will show you how to make it.   I’ll go through how we did this farm wedding for my sister and share the lessons we learned through the process.

DIY Farm Wedding

Lighted Barn

I have more furniture in the basement that need make overs like these that I previously did.

mid century modern makeover

Painted and glazed buffett

I will do my best to document my process for you.  I have many projects in the house as well.  Since we are still fairly new to this house, I have complete rooms that need to be transformed from blank walls into something not so blank.  I am not a decorator but I am a creator of all the parts and pieces.  I will make curtains, art work, paint and personalize furniture for these spots.  My teenage son wants me to paint an ocean themed mural in his room and he is not budging so a mural is in the works.  The other son needs comic walls so that is also on the docket.  I hope there will be time to get to the master bedroom as well.  Oh and the upstairs rec room needs everything.

Empty Upstairs Rec room

Heaven help me.  In between procrastinating starting the bigger projects I will tinker and make lots of little stuff like painting my little signs.  I love painting!

Easter bunny painted sign

You can pretty much assume if I am doing a nice little project that there is some monster project in the garage that I am avoiding at the moment.  See how that works!  That should take me through spring and summer then before we know it we will be approaching Halloween and costume making time which is always a big deal in my house. Here are last year’s creations.

DIY Hamburger Costume

Bush Halloween Costume

James the walking Bush

I will show you how I made these and much more.  This year the teenager is trying to get me to make him a giant Disney quality Velociraptor costume.  I am going to do my best to talk him into something else.  I don’t know what the younger one wants to be but it has to be easier than a moving Velociraptor.  Oh just shoot me now.   And then we will be back into the holiday season with all sorts of fun.  So that is the plan friends.  I hope you will stick around, follow the blog and see how it turns out. I am curious myself!

Many Blessings,


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