DIY Christmas Window Wreaths


Hi Friends!
I received a couple of questions on how I made the lighted wreaths for my windows this year.  So I thought I would attempt to go through what I did and pray it makes sense.

DIY Christmas wreaths

To start with, making window wreaths for all my windows wasn’t part of the Christmas plan.  I’ve thought about it a few times but I always nix the idea because I wasn’t sure how I would hang them.   The problem is, I don’t have double hung windows.  My windows open from the bottom and our top window is stationary.  This means the normal way of hanging the wreath by attaching a ribbon around the wreath, opening up the top window and then closing the window on the ribbon to hold it all won’t work for me.  I love the look or wreaths hanging from a long ribbon and thought about getting up on a ladder and finagling some way to hang them from the trim. That could work but  I don’t own a two story ladder.  Even if I did , I don’t own that many wreaths!   I would need EIGHT.  So you can see there were just a few issues here.  But then a few weeks ago I was in the craft store with my mom and I saw all the plain wreaths out and I just couldn’t help myself.  Next thing I know I am loading 8 of those puppies in the cart and declaring I’m making wreaths this year people!  Who cares if I can’t hang them 😉

So let’s make some wreaths…

The short version

Get some wreaths the right size for your windows
Wire in ball ornaments in a pretty sliver, red and white pattern
Add a bow & lights
Hang and enjoy the beauty.
Have a nice day.



The Long version
 What I used…

  • Wire
  • Hot glue
  • Twine
  • 8 plain inexpensive fake evergreen wreaths.
    •   I acquired 8 wreaths, one for each window.  I have two sizes of windows.  The windows in the center of my house are 34” wide and the side windows on my house are only 20’’ wide.  Because there was so much of a size difference in the windows along the front of my house, I decided to use two different sized wreaths.  I chose 24-inch wreaths for the big windows and 12-inch wreaths for the side windows.  Make sense?
  •   Shiny and matte ball ornaments in red, silver and white .  I used a combination of sizes. From large to small just like I used for the garland project (I explain more about the ornaments needed post and wiring them in my garland  here
  • White pine cones–  each wreath gets three (I just take plain pine cones into the garage and give them a shot of white spray paint.  I ad some left over from last year that I had already glittered but that is not needed.  Plain white is just as good)
  • Lights.  I used a 60 bulb strand of red and white lights.  The same ones I used on the garland project
  • Outdoor ribbon.  You can use regular wired ribbon but it will fade in the sun.  I used it anyway because I don’t mind making bows and I will likely change them from year to year anyway.Christmas Porch


So to start with…

how to make a bow

–          Make your bows. Tutorial here

wired ornaments

Gather your ornaments and wire them.  I basically just wrap wire around the tops and secure with hot glue.

–          Next I lay down my wreaths, fluff and reshape.  I made my kids help me do it.  I believe in free labor! Ha. Yeah they complain but I pretend I don’t hear them and keep going.  Chop chop kids, we got wreaths to build!  #momzsweatshop.  Anyway, the wreaths get smashed in the store and all you have to do is pull and reshape the branches.  It’s not hard, make your kids do it.

quick tipMake sure you ask your husband to help too.  This will very successfully clear the room of teenagers and husbands because they migrate upstairs to avoid helping.  You now can make a nice hot cup of coffee, enjoy the peace and quiet and have total control over the TV while you work. 🙂


Christmas Wreath building

–          I divided up my ornaments evenly among the wreaths –  that way I wouldn’t get carried away putting too many on the first 5 and then have to decorate the last ones sparingly because I was running out of materials.

–          Before I wire anything down, I lay out all the wreaths on my family room floor.  I flop down my bow so I can see how much space it will take up.  There is no sense in adding decorations that will just be covered up by the bow.

building a wreath

–          Now I lay out a pattern. I place 3 pine cones around the wreath, distributed in a triangular shape.

Christmas wreath

–          After that I lay down the ornaments.  I try to make little groups like one big red shiny ball, a medium silver and a small matte red.   Next I may do a large silver and large matte red and small red shiny.  Get the picture?  I try to balance out the use of matte and shiny and color.  The color is predominately red with just accents of silver and white.  It is not an exact pattern; you just want it to be balanced.  With some of mine, I felt like I just dropped the balls on and it looked great right away while others I felt I have to rework like a puzzle because I just couldn’t seem to get it.

dit window wreaths

quick tip  It’s not hard but occasionally if I felt I was getting stuck or over- thinking it, I would just set it aside and focus on something else for a brief period.  A little break always helps me come back with a fresh eye and the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place once again.

–          Now I go back and wire the ornaments down to the form by pulling the wire through and then twisting it.

quick tip When I think I am about done, I hang the wreath from a wreath hanger on a door in my kitchen.  It’s near where I am working.   This helps me to step back and see how the wreath is going to look hanging up and find any problem areas.   I fix any holes or move things around that I may not like.

diy Christmas wreath

–          After I am done attaching all the pine cones and balls, I wire in the bow.

–       The final step is to add the lights.  I take my red and white string of lights that we made and tuck them around the balls and pine cones throughout the wreath.  I used the same size light string on both.  With the smaller sized wreaths, I tucked the excess lights in the back.

quick tipI like to add the lights last so they do not get buried by the ornaments. I also have the lights plugged in when I do this so I can see how the bulbs are being distributed.  It basically just makes it easier to see.   Make sure the  plug comes out the back.

Now they are ready to hang.  My solution for my hanging issue was to tie a string on each side of the wreath from the wire frame on the back.

single hung window

On my windows, I removed my bottom screen and tilted open the bottom window.

I set my wreath out and while holding the strings I tried to get the wreath center on the window.  You will need an extra set of hands.  I had Aaron, my nephew-extraordinaire, come over to help since my family was in hiding.  Just kidding Honey.  He was actually out putting the lights in the bushes for me.  Anyway, I made sure my plug was coming back into the house and then shut the window.

hanging the wreaths

I tied the string around the lock and used white duct tape to secure it.  I attached an extension cord to the plug, added a timer and we were good to go.  So far they have withheld some serious wind here in Cleveland and the haven’t slipped yet.  Thank goodness!

House Lights

I did something different for the big window on the Porch.  I’ll try to show you tomorrow.  Right now I’m off to curl up next to my  Hubby and watch a movie.

How to decorate a christmas wreath

Decorated Porch

Merry Christmas,


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Home Tour-DIY Magnolia Garland

Christmas Home Tour

Hi friends!  As promised, I am going to post on how I made the new outdoor Christmas decorations.  Of the projects this year, my favorite was making the magnolia garland.  So lets start with that one.

Porch Garland

My inspiration came from an old Pottery Barn photo of a house draped with an ornament filled garland.  If you have been on Pinterest you’ve probably seen it.  It’s been pinned like a gazillion times.  It’s a beautiful photo.  I liked the bright silver and red colors, a classic and gorgeous look.

photo potterybarn

At the same time, what I really wanted was a magnolia garland.  I wasn’t sure what direction to go in so I decided the best of both worlds was the way to go!   And I am so glad I threw it all in because I love the final look.  After all, you know what they say, “more is more”.  Oh wait nobody says that.  But “they” should say that because who really wants less when you can have more? Ha.  Anyway, putting together this garland is fairly straight forward.  Here is what I used….



  • Artificial Garland
  • Lights
  • Magnolia Leaves
  • Some red berry stuff that I found in my basement and wanted to get rid of.  (You don’t need this though.  I would skip it if I didn’t already own buckets of it.)
  • Craft/Floral Wire   22 or 30 gauge works well.  (sold in the floral section)
  • Floral Picks (optional)
  • Floral Tape (optional)
  • Hot Glue
  • Green Zip Ties
  • Red & White Lights or Just White
  • A boat load of shiny and matte ball ornaments in Red, silver and white.  I used a combination of sizes. From large to small.  I tried to count when it was all up but that wasn’t so easy.  Here is my approximate.  for 30 feet it was about
    • 16 Large Shiny Red
    • 12 Small-Med. Shiny Red
    • 8 Large Matte Red
    • 8 Small-Med. Matte Red
    • 6 Large Silver
    • 5 Small Silver
    • 8 Large White
    • 5 Small White
PLASIC IS BEST.  The paint on glass ornaments does not hold up in the weather. I had to add some glass in simply because I couldn’t always find the right color or size I was looking for. I am seeing the paint come off already.  I plan on replacing these next season.



-I ordered a box of magnolia leaves off Amazon.

Magnolia Leaves

It was 30 some dollars but I ordered a large box because I planned on getting a big supply for future projects. Sure enough there were enough leaves in the box to do garlands for my whole street.   You’ve got to love Amazon. After this project was all said and done I still had a full box.

-I purchased some great garland on sale at my local craft store.  (4) 9 foot pieces for 7 dollars each.  SCORE!

DIY Christmas garland

-I gathered up all the red, silver and white ornaments I had in my hoarder basement and then bought several more boxes on sale.  I think I spent another 40 dollars, but I got a lot.  You are going to need a lot.  If you plan on making this, start collecting sale ornaments now.  For me, I already started with quite a bit because I have bought up extra ornaments after Christmas when they start to get clearanced out.  (Seriously, be on the lookout for glass and plastic balls in the after-Christmas clearances.   They can be used in so many projects and decorations. Those and pine cones)


I started by wiring my magnolia leaves.  I used the floral tape and wrapped the pick and stem together.  There is a wire pre-attached to the pick.  You want to make sure that wire in not wrapped with the floral tape because you will use that wire to secure your magnolia leaves to your garland.

Christmas Garland

(Thanks Mom for helping me and letting me photo you)

If you want to skip the pick you could just attach a wire directly to the stem.   Depending on the weather in your area, you may be able to just tuck your leaves in without any wiring.  I live near Lake Erie and it gets very windy.  I have to secure my ornaments and leaves with wire, otherwise pieces of my garland would be blowing into my neighbor’s yard.  You could try to just hot glue your pieces, but again pieces could come loose.  I personally feel that if I am going to take time to make it, I am going to do it the best I can so it lasts.

Craft ornaments


Once the leaves were all pre-wired, I started on preparing my ornaments.


I added a wire and reinforced the ornament tops with hot glue.  You could skip the hot glue if you are feeling adventurous and your ornaments are shatter proof.  My good friend and neighbor Abby from made one and she didn’t do the hot glue. But I glued away because I am the queen of over kill.



I had ornaments everywhere!  Poor Big Chewy, he couldn’t find a clear spot to lay

Big Chewy

quick tipBefore you wire & glue your ornaments, lay your garland out on the floor and temporarily place your ornaments down on the garland. This will give you an idea of your design and how many ornaments to wire and reinforce with hot glue.




I laid my garland on the floor and began by simply placing the leaves down where I thought I would like.  I groups two leaves together and left a space then grouped three leaves together.  I alternated  groups of two and three.

Once I liked the pattern, I started at one end and went down the row securing each item with the pre-attached wire.  I did the Same thing with the ornaments.  I made little groups and made sure that the red was the dominating color and used the white and silver sparingly.

DIY Garland

Paint Yourself A Smile Christmas Garland

(Please ignore the grimy carpet.  I laid that down so I didn’t destroy the family room carpet while I worked)

It is pretty simple; it just takes a little time when you are doing 30 feet.  So go get some hot chocolate and put on a Christmas movie.  It makes the process more fun.

Now that the leaves and ornaments were all secure, I began to place my light string in the garland. and secured it with green zip ties. I cut the extra off of the zip ties as I go.  I chose to do the lights last because I didn’t want the bulbs to get buried by all the decorations and leaves.  I wanted my garland nice and bright at night

quick tipWe make our own red and white lights.  We get 3 boxes of Philips warm white sphere lights and one box of red.  Target carries them.  Them we pull out the bulbs in the red string.  We plug in the white string and pull every 4th white light and replace it with a red bulb. So the pattern is one red, three white, one red and so forth.  YOU NEED TO KEEP THE STRING PLUGED IN AND DO IT ONE BULB AT A TIME.  Sometimes the bubs don’t connect right and you don’t want to get it all done and then have to go back and find the short.

John Kavangh

This is my Hubby watching hockey and making me light strings of my desired color combination.  I love that man!


Now you are all done and it is ready to hang.

DIY Magnolia Garland


quick tip  Because of all the stuff in this garland it was slightly heavy.  The weight of all the goodies caused it to hang and look a little different than it did on the floor.  If yours is going to swag open like mine, there is no way around it.  I would save some magnolia leaves and after it is up add them back in where it looks like it could use them.  That is what I did.  It was fairly quick to make the adjustments after it was up and I saw the effect gravity had on it in some spots.


There you have it – one very expensive looking garland for a fraction of what you would pay for it if you bought the same thing pre-made.  Seriously, Abby and I looked and the prices were CRAZY!

Chritmas lights


Come back tomorrow and I will show you how to do make and hang all those lighted wreaths! (here)

Paint your self a smile wreath

Happy Creating and Merry Christmas!


Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Christmas Garland

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